Brutal Breakups!

Breakups are the worst, there's never a nice way to cut someone out of your life or be the one that's being cut out. To make you feel a little better, we've scoured the net to find some of the most brutal breakups, you think you had it bad?!

1: Billboard Breakup

This fiery lady went in all guns blazing with this epic breakup and it's easily top of the charts in the brutal breakup list, although we think by the sounds of it he might have deserved a ginormous public breakup.

Billboard Breakup Source

2. Double Whammy

This brutal breakup went viral! Getting Jennifer's hopes up with a marriage proposal to then be shot down a moment later with a breakup, whilst being expected to concentrate to the road and on top of it all having it plastered across the internet. (we're probably not helping with that last one.) Brutal.

Double Whammy Breakup Source

3. Magic Trick

A bit of light hearted humour is always nice but when it's a breakup line it's unexpected although of course hilarious and we're only hoping the 'GF' saw the funny side although we think probably not.

Magic Trick Breakup Source

4. Game Over

Brutal because when you're partner leaves you a note, you'd be right to assume some golden, romantic words will be found on the paper. Finding this instead would be some what of a shock, although at least he said 'Thank you' manners mean a lot.

Game Over Breakup Source

5. Meme Storm

This social media whiz was fully prepared for his breakup and uses memes as his charge, which are hilarious and of course painstakingly brutal. What's best is he aired out these screen shots on his Twitter profile for the world to see, and the world it did.

Meme Breakup Source

6. Tease

Will, your brutal breakup holds a new meaning of mixed messages! Kicking a girl whilst she's down, filling with false hope and the dropping a bomb.

Teasing Breakup Source

7. Creative

Breakups can get pretty tedious, this 'fun' brutal breakup is so unique we had to feature it. Playful yet harsh with a creative twist.

Creative Mirror Breakup Source

8. Smug Signs

This lady has freedom written all over her face, after a messy breakup what better way to rub salt in the wounds than to take your friends to the game with his tickets and get a sign broadcast- you go girl!

Smug Breakup Source

9. List form

Lists, they're straight to the point, you've got your pros and your cons and the tools to make a well rounded decision on things. This list is just that but it looks like this heartbreaker had no tough decisions to make when writing this out or they just really love their coffee.

Coffee vs. You Breakup List Source

10. Hunt

This master of brutal breakups has it all worked out, a hunt to pick up his possessions with a touch of sentiment for an extra kick in the teeth. The disclaimer is a personal favourite.

Breakup Treasure Hunt Source

Although we hope we haven't given you any spiteful ideas, we do hope you're feeling a lot better about a past breakup and a message to your future self if heartbreak strikes - it could be a lot worse.

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